As a young start-up agency, Connect is just beginning to gain attention as an innovative, forward-thinking brand that strives to bring new and unique marketing ideas to its clients in order to deliver quantifiable results in real time; the assortment of staff members specializing in web development, digital design, social media, marketing strategy, customer relations, branding, and more allow for clients to source a variety of services from the company that covers it all. In addition to the services they provide, Connect prioritizes the visual and conceptual integration of each client’s roots and essence into the work they do while sharing their own, too - something the co-owners and staff want to accomplish through the design of their new New York City office on the High Line, where existing and potential clients will feel at home and cherished. 
Due to the multitude of personalities looking to occupy Connect’s new office, the design of the building needs to be able to accommodate them all. The perfect blend between private workspaces and collaborative environments within the interior and extending to the exterior through the balcony allows for each staff member to find the spot they work most comfortably in, no matter their position. They can quickly break out from their individual desk arrangement to chat with one another or gather altogether in the conference room and break room. Privacy is achieved through several transparent partitions that physically designate some areas of the office for more one-on-one interactions while still promoting the connection between each specialty rather than completely separating them from one another.
At Connect, staff are supported by the design decisions of the office, which is primarily fueled by the goal of creating a welcoming space comprised of Steelcase furniture and a variety of interior finishes, each handpicked for their genuine craft and connection to nature that will ultimately create a workspace that steers clear from the monotony of typical corporate office design.
Office Floor Plan & Sections
Material Finishes Palette
In order to provide its employees with a direct connection to nature and remind them of the importance of remaining grounded throughout the work day, the interior finishes throughout the office were chosen for either their naturally-sourced or handmade qualities. The abundance of wood in three different finishes covering the floors, desks, and tables, large aggregate polished concrete floors, loop area rugs in a natural tone, woven and knitted textiles on the ottomans and pillows, and soft leather and wool upholstery on the chairs and couches pair with the floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize these goals. Additionally, the office interior is kept open and airy with transparent partitions and curtain walls, so although some spaces are physically closed off and granted large amounts of privacy, they remain visibly part of the entire floor plan, allowing all the employees - whether designers, web developers, managers, or co-owners - to stay connected.
Break Room Perspective View
The three-dimensional perspective of Connect’s employee break room is the perfect representation of the start-up agency’s workplace culture; though in a formal workplace, staff members are highly encouraged to let loose and explore their creativity in whichever ways they need, which the co-owners have decided is best facilitated through collaborative and social spaces. While there are private spaces to seek refuge throughout the office, areas like the break room occupy most of the square footage outside of the private/semi-private offices and is thus representative of the overall design concept. With a formal dining table for six, a lounge-oriented spot with an upholstered bench and assorted patterned poufs, and direct access to the balcony outside, the break room ensures each type of employee is content and accommodated for during their time away from work.
Final Concept Posters
The Connect Office plan, section, and perspective rendering were generated using Autodesk Revit and modified in Adobe Creative Suite.

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